About the Foundation

The Edna P. McCurdy Scholarship Foundation was formed by Ounalashka Corporation to provide scholarships for post-secondary education to its shareholders and their descendants. The Foundation provides funding for tuition, books, housing and other expenses to shareholders and registered descendants, which helps them pursue their career goals. The Foundation offers generous scholarships to full-time and part-time students in college, training and technical schools.

Board of Trustees


AB Rankin

A. Barbara Rankin, or AB serves as a President of the Edna P. McCurdy Scholarship Foundation and is the Secretary/Treasurer of the Ounalashka Settlement Trust. She is also a member f the Ounalashka Corporation board, where she serves as Vice President. AB worked for the City of Unalaska as the City Treasurer for 40.5 years. She served as a member of the Municipal Finance Officers Association of Alaska, the Iliuliuk Family and Health Services Board of Directors, the Unalaska/Port of Dutch Harbor Chamber of Commerce, and the Bering Sea Art Exchange International. AB is currently a member of AGFOA and the Treasurers Association of the US and Canada.

Teri LaGrand
Vice President

Teri L. Morris has been a School Counselor for the Unalaska City School District since August of 2000. She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Master of Science Degree from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. She lives in Unalaska, Alaska with her husband and children, and enjoys traveling with her family and hiking with her dog.

Lois Burrece

Lois (Bereskin) Burrece serves as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Edna P. McCurdy Scholarship Foundation. She is a member of the Ounalashka Corporation board of directors and  previously served as a director for Dutch Harbor Development Corporation, Little Brazil Corporation, Niigalax Corporation, and Uknadax Corporation.

Unangan Culture is an important part of Lois’ life. She is a self-taught Aleut Dollmaker and seal-gut sewer, crafting traditional clothes for her Unangan dolls among other seal gut items. Lois is a Mentor at the Qawalangin Tribe Camp in Unalaska in seal gut/skin sewing.